Blunt Cannulas

Blunt, thin-walled cannulas are intended for general injection or aspiration. XL cannulas offer increased overall length for easier access in patients with high myopia or longer eyes. The thin wall allows a high flow rate. The luer lock hub enables easy, secure connection to a backflush handle or syringe.


3214 Cannula 20g 20g x 32mm
3205 Cannula XL 20g 20g x 36mm

3234 & 3206.png

3234 Cannula 23g 23g x 32mm
3206 Cannula XL 23g 23g x 36mm

3225 & 3207.png

3225 Cannula 25g 25g x 32mm
3207 Cannula XL 25g 25g x 36mm


3257 Cannula 27g 27g x 32mm


Updated on: 11/7/2018