Dual Bore Cannulas

MedOne coaxial Dual Bore cannulas allow injection of a fluid, such as perfluorocarbon or staining dye while simultaneously allowing pressure release via passive egress of fluid through the vent hole in the outer lumen. MedOne utilizes an extremely thin-walled inner cannula for an excellent flow rate, even for 27g cases.

The MedOne DualBore SideFlō® Cannula (US Pat 9,937,300) is designed to increase safety by using a side port for fluid injection, eliminating possible retinal injury caused by a fluid jet stream.There are multiple fluid egress vents to allow double the outflow over the previous model for faster pressure relief during injection. The all-metal exterior allows easy entry through valved cannula systems. MedOne's filled hub design decreases air bubbles during PFCL injection so you can complete the case without interruption.

Optimized for injection of PFCL, staining dyes, or other liquids in small-gauge vitrectomy surgery.


DualBore SideFlō® Cannula


3423 DualBore SideFlō® Cannula 23g


3425 DualBore SideFlō® Cannula 25g


3427 DualBore SideFlō® Cannula 27g


Original Dual Bore Cannula


3237 Dual Bore Cannula 20g


3239 Dual Bore Cannula 23g


3240 Dual Bore Cannula 25g


Updated on: 11/7/2018