FlexTip Brush Cannulas

FlexTip™ Brush Tip

FlexTip™ Brush Tip

The soft silicone brush tip allows gentle brushing and manipulation of the retina. Excellent for manipulation and removal of blood from the retina surface.


3215 FlexTip™ Brush 20g (1mm) 20g x 32mm cannula with 1mm brush tip


3232 FlexTip™ Brush 23g (1mm) 20g x 32mm cannula with 1.5mm brush tip


3222 FlexTip™ Brush 25g (1.5mm)25g x 32mm cannula with 1.5mm brush tip


Extendable FlexTip Brush

The Extendable FlexTip™ Brush has a soft silicone tip that can be fully retracted for easy passage through valved entry cannulas, then extended up to 1.5mm in length. The removable plug allows use with active or passive aspiration.

3508 Extendable Backflush Brush 25g.png

3508 Extendable FlexTip™ Brush 25g

Updated on: 11/7/2018