VFI Cannulas

VFI Cannulas utilize an extremely thin-walled tube, allowing injection of heavy fluids such as silicone oil through 23g, 25g, or 27g entry cannulas. The luer lock hub can be connected to a syringe, extension tube, or injection system.


3235 VFI Cannula
23g (7mm)


3241 VFI Cannula
23g (10mm)


3226 VFI Cannula
25g (7mm)


3273 VFI Cannula
27g (1mm)

High Pressure Extension Tube

Our high pressure extension tube can be used with our VFI Cannulas for injection of heavy liquids such as silicone oil.

3243 (1).png

3243 High Pressure Extension Tube 16mm (6in) PVC tube with male and female luer lock connections


VFI Infusion Cannulas

VFI infusion cannulas can be inserted into a 23g or 25g entry cannula and will self-retain using the silicone fitting at the tip. The self-retaining feature allows bi-manual surgery during oil fill in small gauge cases. The cannula can be used to infuse both BSS and silicone oil during a case. Ideal for PFO-to-silicone oil exchange cases.


3246 VFI Infusion Cannula 23g
3245 VFI Infusion Cannula 25g

3200-3203tip (1).png

Viscous Fluid Infusion Cannulas

Our 20g viscous fluid infusion cannulas feature a thin-walled, high-flow cannula tip and high-pressure tubing that allows quick injection of silicone oil in 20g surgeries. The cannula can be used to infuse both BSS and silicone oil during a case. The green flange offers enhanced visibility during suturing. The luer lock hub enables easy, secure connection to the infusion line.


3200 Viscous Fluid Cannula 20g (4mm)
3201 Viscous Fluid Cannula 20g (6mm) 16cm (6in) high-pressure PVC tube for infusion of heavy liquids

10mm cannula length allows for improved access across the eye and visualization of the cannula tip during use


Oil Extraction Cannula

MedOne's innovative oil extraction cannula enables removal of oil through a sutureless incision. Simply place the trocar cannula using standard technique, then push the included silicone tube onto the specially shaped port cannula. Attach a syringe and aspirate the oil using a standard syringe or pump system.


3300 Oil Removal Cannula 23g [Kapran]System includes handle, trocar cannula, and adaptor tubing


Developed in cooperation with Ziya Kapran, MD, Istanbul, Turkey

Updated on: 11/7/2018