MicroPick Tip

This sharp pick is intended for lifting the edge of ILM or other retinal membranes to allow easier grasping with forceps. The pick is angled 45° .5mm from the tip. It can be used for aspiration or injection. The luer lock hub enables an easy, secure connection to a backflush handle or syringe.


3229 MicroPick 23g x 32mm
3204 MicroPick 25g x 32mm

MVR Knives

MedOne MVR Knives are sharp and consistent, two of the most important attributes of a surgical knife. The diamond architecture of the blade tip ensures a clean, precise incision every time. The 20g MVR (#3266) creates a fluid-tight seal for 20g instruments. The 23g MVR (#3268 or #3269) can be used to create sclerotomies for use with 23g cannula systems but will not fit through an entry cannula.


3266 AdvantEdge® MVR Knife 20g
3268 AdvantEdge® MVR Knife 23g
3269 AdvantEdge® MVR Knife 23g (Angled)

Narrow 23g MVR

Designed specifically to fit through a 23g entry cannula, this MVR can be used as a knife or a pick while using a 23g trocar entry system.


3272 AdvantEdge® MVR Knife 23g (Narrow)

Updated on: 11/7/2018